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Van Door Locks

Highly effective van door lock. Models to fit rear doors and side sliding doors.
Abus Diskus Integral Vanlock
From 29.00
Convenient one handed key operation to lock & unlock : Easy to use. Multi purpose Hasp and Staple : With "All round protection" you can trust. Suitable for Vans, Trucks, Garages, Sheds : Or any outward opening double doors.
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PJB Blue Spot Hasp
From 29.99
Heavy duty multi-purpose zinc plated hasp supplied with Sold Secure approved circular shackle-less solid steel padlock. The PJB Blue Spot Hasp is ideal for securing rear van doors.
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Sterling Van Lock Set
From 27.00
73mm Heavy Security Round Shackleless Padlock & 210mm Hasp & Staple suitable as a van lock, garage door lock etc.
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American Lock Van Hasp
From 49.99
American Lock high security hasps are made of steel for maximum strength and durability, and are ideal to secure sliding and swinging doors on garages, storage buildings, vehicles, commercial buildings, industrial plants and vending machines. Supplied with American lock series 2000 hidden shackle padlock.
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Schlage Door Lock
From 44.00
The Schlage Vehicle Hasp has a solid hardened steel body, which resists attacks by cutting, sawing or hammering. The sides create a shrouded environment for the padlock for maximum security against prying attacks. The shackle-Less Padlock has a solid hardened steel body and nickel chrome finish. The circular lock has a completely protected inner bolt that resists prying, cutting and sawing attacks. This product previously branded "Kryptonite".
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UFO Lock
From 79.99
An excellent replacement for traditional locks, it’s like a lock, but much better. Solid, practical, secure, elegant.
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Bulldog Van Door Lock
From 79.00
Highly effective van door lock. Models to fit rear doors and side sliding doors. Secure and easy locking with Bulldog plunge lock- locks without using the key. A single, highly visible lock suitable for use on the rear door or off side sliding door. It adds further security to the van to guard against thieves capable of defeating the factory fitted locks.
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Armaplate Protection
From 49.00
Armaplate protects the vehicle’s lock mechanism from theft attack and requires no input from the driver.
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Squire Padbar Lockset
From 99.99
Squire Horizontal Padbar Lockset is designed to offer an integrated high security solution for securing vans, gates, doors, garages, and other vulnerable areas.
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Mul-T-Lock ArmaDLock
From 143.00
ArmaDlock was designed to fortify the security of commercial vehicles, in particular, those carrying goods and equipment. Simple to use and install, ArmaDlock fits almost any type of vehicle door, both rear and sliding.
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Viro Van Lock
From 124.00
Innovative and high quality lock specifically designed for Vans to give additional security. Ideal for day to day use and fits both hinged and sliding doors. The lock is constructed from 1 piece of inox stainless steel and its rounded design has no sharp edges or gripping points to attack.
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