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A large range of padlocks including brass, steel, laminated, weatherproof, lever, combination padlocks, discus, and straight shackle padlocks. Most of our padlocks have the option to be supplied as keyed alike padlocks (all padlocks open with the same key). We also offer master keyed padlocks - each lock is supplied with its own keys plus a master key opens all the padlocks in the suite.
Safety Lockout
Health & Safety regulations sometimes require the use of colour coded padlocks. Used mainly in industry, colour coded padlocks isolate plant and machinery via lockout hasps until maintenance work is complete.
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Brass Body Padlocks
Ideal for sheds, vans, luggage, lockers, gates, bikes & more. Brass Padlocks are very popular, offer excellent value and come in a wide range of sizes. The sizes quoted for Brass Padlocks is the width accross the body of the padlock in millimeters. Many of our Brass Padlocks are offered "keyed alike" meaning if ordering more than one padlock, they will all be supplied with the same key.
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Bluetooth Padlocks
From 59.00
Never worry about forgetting your key or combination again with the Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock. With the easy-to-use Master Lock Vault app you can not only unlock your padlock but you can also share access with guests and monitor activity - making this an ideal solution for businesses with shift or contract workers.
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Combination Padlocks
Choose combination padlocks for a convenient key-less solution. These padlocks are often used to secure luggage or on gates. The factory set combination can be changed to a easy to remember combination of your choice. Most combination padlocks use either three or four wheels containing the digits zero to nine so give a large number of possible combinations for increased security.
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Discus Padlocks
The closed shackle offers good security. Excellent value.
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Hockey Puck Padlocks
The completely protected inner bolt resists prying, cutting and sawing attacks.
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Laminated Padlocks
Padlock bodies consist of layers of steel for added strengh.
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Lever Padlocks
Traditional style lever padlocks are bump-proof and are excellent deterents.
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Padlock Bodies Only
Accepts special cylinders. Used in master-keyed sytems.
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Steel Padlocks
Higher security locks including CEN rated.
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Straight Shackle
Often used with chains and roller shutter doors.
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Weatherproof Padlocks
High corrosion resistants for outdoor and coastal regions.
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