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Overhead door closers are designed to provide controlled closing of single action doors.
Astra Gibraltar Surface Mounted
From 25.00
The Original Gibraltar Spring Door Closer incorporates two torsion springs in the body which is easily adjustable enabling a variable closing force. Suitable for use on ½ hour and 1 hour fire doors, tested in accordance with EN1634-1. Available in Polished brass, polished chrome and satin finish.
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Asec Budget Door Closer
From 31.00
Asec Budget door closer is a reliable door closer designed to provide controlled closing of single action doors.
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Union Retro Door Closer
From 62.00
Use the same fixing dimensions and footprint as the most popular UK door closer designs. Blends with any application where other traditional door closers have been used or are currently fixed to adjacent doors. Fixed size EN3 or fixed size EN4. Square steel cover. Independent, fully adjustable door speed and latch controls. Non-handed. Concealed adjustment controls. Adjustable flatform arm. Easy-to-use template and pictorial fitting instructions.
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Asec Door Closers
From 57.00
Reliable range of door closers designed to provide controlled closing of single action doors.
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Dorma TS90 Cam Action Closer
From 68.00
The DORMA TS 90 Impulse combines technical superiority with outstanding value, and unites advanced design with convenient functionality all on the basis of its heart-shaped cam.
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Briton 2000 Door Closers
From 85.00
The renowned Briton 2000 Series offers both adjustable and fixed power sizes; providing a comprehensive package of solutions to suit virtually any door control application. The series has a peerless history of specification throughout the world and includes the UK's No.1 door control, the Briton 2003.
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Dorma TS Door Closers
From 32.00
Easy to fix and even easier to adjust. The door closer for almost every door size and application.
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Briton Overhead Door Closers
From 38.00
The Briton Closers provides the traditional strength of the Briton range. Suitable for both fire and non-fire doors.
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Asec E-Mag Door Closer
From 180.00
The Asec E-Mag is suitable for use where low opening forces are required, such as care homes, hospitals or where the Equality Act is a consideration. This closer is power size 4 which, when fitted in swing free mode, allows the door to be opened with no resistance from the closer. However, when the buildings fire alarm is activated, power is cut to the unit and the closer then shuts the door.
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Briton 2700 Door Closers
From 263.00
The Briton 2700 Series is a precision manufactured cam-action, slide channel door closer, in a compact, overhead, surface fixed unit. Providing exceptional ease of use by reducing the resistance encountered when opening the door.
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