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Key services includes Key registration, Keyed alike, masterkeyed and Additional keys.
Additional Keys
Additional keys available for Yale, Chubb, Asec, Ingersoll locks. Only available when the Additional Keys link is displayed on the product page.
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Key Registration
Many keys supplied with our locks have a key number. This number may be on the key itself or provided with the product documentation, or on a plastic card. By registering your key number with Saunderson Security you MAY be able to obtain additional keys at a later date if, for example, you lose or damage your original keys.

Furthermore, some lock manufacturers offer restricted key duplication on certain keys - sometimes refered to as restricted profiles, security profiles, or security keys. In these cases we strongly recommend you register your key number. Where required we will also register your key numbers with the lock manufacturer.

Key Registration is a FREE service offered to Registered Customers - please complete our Customer Registration Form.

When you have been registered please LOGIN, and return to this page to register your key numbers at no charge.
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Key Rings
A convenient and practical solution for keeping keys, identification cards and tools safe and secure. The self-retracting key reels are lightweight and long lasting with various options to suit individual company requirements.
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Keyed Alike Service
From 1.98
Many of our products have the option to be Keyed Alike i.e. more than one lock can be operated with the same key. Look for the Keyed Alike Service link on the Related Items tab on our product pages.
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Masterkeyed Service
From 5.95
Many products have the option to be Masterkeyed, Ie: group of locks to operate with an individual key as well as a Master key. Look for the Masterkeyed Service link on the product pages.
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Locks Keyed To Pass
From 9.90
Use this service to order locks keyed to a specific key. Please supply the key number in the information box on the basket page. We supply one key per set of locks as standard.
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From 13.00
Miscellaneous Items and Services
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