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Key Cabinets

Cabinets and safes for the secure storage of keys including wall mounted units. For storing from one to hundreds of keys.
Rottner TS Key Cabinets
From 23.00
Constructed for wall attachment. The case and the door are made of steel sheet, with cylinder lock and 2 keys. Fixed installed key stripes (not adjustable). The surface is synthetic powder coated and white-grey.
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Sterling Key Minder
From 21.00
The Sterling KeyMinder Key Safe is highly secure strongbox, with combination lock, suitable for storing house and padlock keys.
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Phoenix KS1 Key Store
From 19.99
The Phoenix KS1 gives you control of door keys, padlock keys, car keys etc in an attractive secure location, that can be easily mounted to a wall.
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Squire Key Keep Safe
From 27.00
Never get locked out again... use a Key Keep! Keeps your spare keys safe and secure.
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Squire Key Keep2 Safe
From 32.00
Keep your spare keys locked away in your house for extra security. For indoor or outdoor use.
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Yale Combination Safe
From 33.00
20 Key hooks. 3 Digit resettable combination lock.
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Keyguard Combi
From 29.99
Small Combination locking safe for the storage of keys.
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Abus Key Garage
From 21.00
The ABUS Key Garage is made of a solid metal housing with a tough corrosion resistant black/silver finish that provides excellent security for key storage in outdoor applications. Abus key and card storage box. Padlock type shackle. 4 Wheel combination lock resettable. Hinged drop down door. Steel backplate to resist attacks.
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Yale Y500 Key Access
From 42.00
This Yale Key Access Allows protection of keys so other members of the family can access them easily. No need to put keys under the mat for when the children come home.
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Keyguard Key Safe
From 56.00
Commonly used and/ or recommended by Social Services, healthcare companies and charitable organisations
Ideal for use by carers, cleaners, workmen, dependents.
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Phoenix KS2 Key Store
From 29.95
Take control of your keys. Ideal for storing house keys, car keys, or door access cards. Easy to use changeable push button lock.
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Masterlock Key Safe
From 32.00
The Master Lock Key Safe makes it possible for you to safely lock one or more spare keys outside your home. Only those you choose to give the 4 digit code to have access, making it ideal for emergency access, children, relatives, care workers, cleaners and many more.
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Master Lock 5425EURD Keysafe
From 42.00
The Master Lock 5425EURD Keysafe can be used to securely store your household keys outdoors for family members, cleaners and gardeners. This weather resistant unit featuers a large, light up 4-dial lock mechanism for easy access. Supplied with necessary fixings, this keysafe is designed to be wall mounted in a discrete location.
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Asec Key Safes
From 45.00
The Asec Key Safes provides weather resistant secure storage of keys. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.
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Lockey Digital Key Safe
From 52.00
The Lockey Digital Key Safe is an ideal secure solution for the control of keys 'always knowing' where your keys are.
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Lockey LKS500 Big Key Safes
From 55.00
The Key Safe can be used to store & share house keys, shed, lock up & garage keys, padlock & emergency keys.
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KeySafe Supra GE
From 62.00
Key management and access control is not restricted to commercial or care dependent sectors, indeed every home owner who wants to store a spare set of keys, has a growing family, employees, cleaners or gardeners or even receives home deliveries during a working day will benefit from using Supra's products.
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Keyguard Digital XL
From 79.00
High security, outdoor key safe. Allows authorised persons to access a property. 12 button design gives a high number of potential differs. Ideal for use by carers, cleaners, workmen & dependents. Can also be used for storing single car keys inside the home. Weather resistant cover included. Independently attack tested and certified to Sold Secure Bronze.
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Phoenix Electronic
From 89.95
A range of heavy duty high security key safes with the capacity to hold between 30 - 700 keys.
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Asec Digital Key Cabinet
From 74.00
A quality range of key control cabinets designed to be practical and cost effective in keeping keys safe. Available in 20 hook & 35 hook capacities. Sturdy powder coated finish.
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Phoenix Keysure Key Cabinets
From 162.00
The Keysure commercial key cabinets have been designed to accommodate larger or more bulky keys, which make them ideal for the motor trade or an estate agents where larger keys or more than one key is used.
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Phoenix Keysure Clear View
From 170.00
The Keysure clear view key cabinets have been manufactured with a clear window so that the contents are easily viewed without needing access to the cabinet. These cabinets are ideal for controlled environments.
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Phoenix Keysure Automotive
From 164.00
The Keysure Automotive key cabinets have been designed to accommodate larger keys or bunches of keys by spacing the hooks out further, which make them ideal for the motor trade or automotive industry where longer key hook widths are needed.
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Burton Heavy Duty
From 311.00
Ideal for use in car showrooms & garages. Available with keylock or electronic lock.
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Chubbsafes Epsilon Key Safes
From 215.00
Epsilon Key Safes are designed to secure keys; be they car keys, office keys or site keys. It provides more protection than the typical light steel cabinets available from stationers.
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