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Including escutcheons, lever furniture, knobsets and door knobs.
Asec D Handles
From 9.70
Bolt Fix Round Rose Aluminium Pull Handle.
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Adams Rite Thumbturn
From 15.90
Thumbturn for use with MS®1848 Deadlocks
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Adams Rite 4568
From 63.00
Designed to operate MS1890 Series latches by a natural downward hand movement. These handles incorporate an activator cam disc that mounts on the handle escutcheon and fits solidly into the cylinder hole of the latch. Not intended for use as a door pull.
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Adams Rite 4565
From 78.00
Thumbturn of minimum practical length is designed to offer a firm grip to the fingertips. Ideal for doors where latch is operated infrequently or in emergencies only.
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Adams Rite Paddle
From 113.00
Designed for simple push or pull operation as an alternative to a lever handle.
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Lever Furniture
Available in On Rose, Latch, Lock, Euro Profile, Oval Profile and Bathroom door furniture.
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Union 3R35F Handles
From 56.00
Lever furniture for use with Union (previously Chubb Locks) 3R35 mortice locks.
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Yale P405 Rim Knob
From 8.90
Rim knob handles and bar, for use with rim locks.
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Knob Furniture
From 18.20
Available in Mushroom, Oval or Ball.
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Union Emergency Dome
From 28.00
Used with Union escape deadlocks and Union escape cylinder deadlocks.
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Union J630-16 Exit
From 55.00
For areas not accessed by the public, where panic is not foreseen. Use With Union 224402 locks
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Union J630-15 Exit
From 57.00
For areas not accessed by the public, where panic is not foreseen. Suitable for use with UNION JL224403/4/5/6 Escape Locks
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