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Garage Door Locks

Locks designed to secure your garage or roller shutter door. Including locks for up and over garage doors, tilting garage door locks, roller shutter doors, sectional garage doors. Lock your timber, steel, plastic or glass fiber garage door.
Asec Roller Shutter Lock
From 16.40
Asec Roller Shutter Locks to be mounted in Central or Left & Right positions on the rear of a shutter door.
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PJB Secure A Door
From 69.99
Available for Up & Over or Roller shutter garage doors. Now sold secure domestic silver approved.
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Cisa Shutter Door Locks
From 24.00
Cisa Shutter Lock has a double throw facility.
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Autolok Stoppa Garage
From 29.50
A new concept in garage door security. The Autolok Stoppa has been specifically designed to combat increasing garage crime in the UK.
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Enfield Garage Door Lock
From 29.95
Enfield garage door bolts are designed to bolt through the garage door and lock into the frame.
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Squire Garage T Handle Lock
From 32.00
Prevents opening the garage door by forcing the 'T' Handle. Secures your 'T' handle even if the 'T' Handle is broken or damaged. Secures 'T' Handle even if the 'T' Handle itself isn't locked. Garage Guard rotates freely when attacked resisting levering and forcing of lock. Visible deterrent. Thieves can see that your garage is secure. You can see clearly that you or family members have 'locked' your garage. Easy to fit, lightweight and easy to use. No DIY skills needed.
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Asec Garage Door Lock
From 26.95
Pair of locks fitted either vertically or horizontally that can be locked from both inside or outside of garage.
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Viro Central Shutter Locks
From 17.99
Viro Roller Shutter Door Lock to be mounted in central position on the rear of a shutter door. Operated by 2 supplied keys which are used to lock and unlock bolts that extend from each side of the lock case.
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Cisa Roller Shutter Locks
From 49.00
Kit comprises two hardened steel eyebolts and one brass retainer which is permanently anchored into the ground, flush with the surface.
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Bulldog GD20 Garage Lock
From 38.00
Added protection for use on up and over garage doors. The Bulldog Garage Door Lock is simple to fit with just four screws. Highly visible red powder coated finish. Complete with 70mm stainless steel disc padlock. Does not require holes to be drilled in garage door.
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Bulldog Budget Garage
From 46.00
Bolt on 'L' shaped bracket to fit either inside or outside of garage or roller shutter door. The Bulldog Budget Garage Door Lock is supplied complete with Bulldogs drill and pick resistant super lock bolt. Lock tube fits flush, no protruding parts. Zinc plated finish.
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Bulldog Garage Door Lock
From 49.99
Winner DIY WEEK Security Product of the year. Includes ground tube, fastners and back plate. Fits most metal, glass fibre, plastic or wooden garage doors. High security, removable, case hardened, anti-pick and anti-drill lock bolt. The orginal Bulldog Garage Door Lock.
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PJB Garage Defender
From 59.95
An effective and visual deterrent providing a high security horizontal bar that prevents the garage door from being forced open. the PJB Garage Defender is Made in Britain, Sold Secure approved, and is available in four models.
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Viro Mini Condor Lock
From 72.00
Easy to use roller shutter padlock with a removable slide/cylinder that also works as a deadbolt. Featuring a fully armoured, anti drill case hardened 5 pin cylinder with double the thickness of a standard padlock shackle (23mm). Supplied with 3 keys, brass floor anchoring device with ‘Spring’ dust cover.
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Bulldog Roller Shutter
From 79.99
Simple to use high security lock for roller shutter doors. Suitable for industrial type roller shutter doors. Installation kit consisting of ground tube, back plate and fastners included. High security, removable, case hardened, anti-pick and anti-drill lock bolt.
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Viro Condor Ground Unit
From 85.00
Enclosed locking device for securing roller shutter doors. One piece body with 12mm locking pin. Operates from a half euro cylinder, so can easily be changed in event of lost keys or for Master Keying. Complete with ground anchor dust cover.
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PJB Defender Parts
From 5.99
Replacement parts for Garage Defenders.
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