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Sentry French Transmitter 1 But 433mhz

Sentry French Transmitter 1 But 433mhz

Ref: METX1-F1

21.49 (inc VAT)


  • "French" Rolling Code
  • Remote has Red Back Cover
  • 433Mhz
  • Weight: 0.1 Kg
  • Sentry French Code remote control transmitters and remote control receivers are reliable, cost effective and easy to install. This transmitter operates on the 433MHz frequency. Features include excellent transmission range, S.M.D technology and SAW filter. This is a French Code remote control that generates a unique encrypted transmission with each keypress. The internal dip-switches are used as a basis for the transmitted rolling code to approximately 4,096 unique combinations. The remote has a black front cover with a red button and a red back cover. The remote has "SENTRY FRENCH ONE" printed on the green PCB inside the case next to the LED light.