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Trimec ES8000 Electric V-Lock

Trimec ES8000 Electric V-Lock

Ref: 118001-010

617.00 (inc VAT)


  • Size (mm): 206H x 23W x 39D
  • Faceplate: 256H x 30W
  • Holding Force: 1000kg
  • Stainless Steel Lock Body & Faceplate
  • Weight: 0.6 Kg
  • The ES8000, also known as the V-lock is a high torque motorised bolt that moves from the vertical position to the horizontal state when locked. The bolt moves into the V shaped strike plate pulling the door aligned with the lock. The high torque motorised bolt can be concealed from view or surface mounted and has the worlds first fail-open motor locking mechanism. Slim design with classic satin stainless steel faceplate, and significant 7mm overall (+/- 3.5mm) door misalignment tolerance make ES8000 a product with great aesthetic appearance as well as easy installation.


    - SIDE LOAD - PRE LOAD Capable
    - Lock will unlock with up to 15kg of side pressure, when wired in 3 wire mode. (1 x Permanent Power, (positive 12-24Vdc) wire. Negative (0 volt return) wire, and 1 x Switching input (positive 12-24Vdc) wire
    - Door misalignment of up to 3.5mm +/-
    - Power to Lock (Fail Safe) / Power to Open (Fail Secure) field configurable
    - HIGH TORQUE Motorised locking and unlocking (3 wire mode)
    - High Speed Operation. Unlocks in less than 1 second
    - Surface Mount Accessory Kit. Ideal for 180° swing through glass door applications
    - Multiple Orientation - Interior Doors Can be mounted vertically or horizontally (For exterior doors due to possible water ingress the ES8000 must be mounted horizontally)


    - Misaligned doors
    - Timber doors
    - Glass doors

    Standards and Compliance

    - SCEC Endorsed (Intruder Resistant Bracket Required)
    - Successfully fire rated up to 4hrs on fire door assemblies in accordance with AS1905.1. 2005 Part 1: Fire resistant door sets).
    - CE Approved