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A large range of safes for home, office or commercial application including freestanding, high security safes, fire, data, wall, floor and deposit safes.
Cash Boxes
Everyone office needs a petty cash box. A range of cash boxes to store cash and for transporting cash around. Ideal portable storage or cash counter box for home or office use.
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Data Safes
Safes that offer fire resistance and security for the safe storage of computer media such as discs and tapes, including CD's, DAT and DLT tapes.
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Deposit Safes
Safes that allow for the secure deposit of cash or valuables without opening the safe. Often used for retail applications.
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Fire Safes
Safes that offer security as well as fire resistance for the safe storage of paper records and documents.
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Floor Safes
Safes that are concreted into the ground or installed between wooden floorboards. These safes can be easily concealed once installed.
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Freestanding Safes
A large range of safes that can be bolted to the floor, wall or inside a cupboard. Suitable for storage of cash and valuables.
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Gun Safes
£1,000 Cash rating. High security gun cabinets, with a higher than standard specification.
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High Security Safes
Freestanding safes with higher cash ratings, including Euro Grade Safes, for the the secure storage of cash and valuables.
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Laptop Safes
From 85.00
Wider safes suitbale for the secure storage of laptop computers.
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Medical Cabinets
Heavy duty medical cabinets for storage of drugs, medicine or other medical supplies.
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Safe Optional Fittings
Many of our safes can be ordered with electronic or manual combination locking options as well as a number of different internal fittings. View these choices once you have selected your safe.
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Wall Safes
Safes that are built into walls. These wall safes can be concealed for added security. Models are available in various sizes and are mostly shallower than floor safes to allow for the limited depth of the wall. Wall safes are available with key, combination or electronic lock, and different cash ratings (security levels).
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