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A lock which is mounted onto the surface of the door as opposed to being morticed into the edge of the door. A nightlatch holds the door shut on a latch which can often be deadlocked into position.
Cylinder Nightlatches
Latchbolt operated by key ouside and handle inside.
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Cylinder Deadlocking
Latchbolt can be deadlock with key from outside and snib from inside.
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Rim Deadbolt locks
Manually operated deadbolts installed on the the face of the door.
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Rollerbolt Nightlatches
The roller catch operates on a push/pull action, and becomes an extended throw deadbolt which can be locked or unlocked from either side.
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Auto Deadlocking
Automatically deadlocked when door is in the closed position.
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Cylinder Drawback
Latchbolt can be held back by anti-clockwise turn of the handle whilst bolt is withdrawn.
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